I’ve read the letters trying to sway people to vote no on the Oct. 9 bond issue and they sound as if they are written by someone who is still disgruntled over his demotion with the Stillwater Public Schools.

As a Stillwater High School alum, the proposed multipurpose facility matches the current architecture of the campus and would be a structure that the entire community could be proud of. Several years ago, the community voted a new use tax upon itself for the expansion of Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Jim Ramsey with the help of Julie Couch, would like to try and pull the wool over your eyes to get you to vote against keeping our taxes at a constant level to provide something for our own local kids. I’m voting yes because I know that this structure will serve my community for the rest of my lifetime and will be a great replacement for today and for future generations to come. Please vote yes with me for our children!

Denise Strickland


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