I have to sympathize with the Shireen Hyrapiet, president of the local Indian Students Association and the intolerance they encountered here in Stillwater (letter, Nov. 30). It brings back memories of when I was escorting seven Egyptian military officers around Oklahoma on shopping trips in 1980. They and I encountered blatant intolerance from an Okie redneck who thought these officers were Iranians.

This was a time when the American Embassy in Tehran (American territory) had been stormed and inhabitants were being held hostage. Jimmy Carter was the only person on earth who would deny this was a declaration of war. A war they won simply because they got away with it.

I was ashamed of my fellow redneck for not knowing what he was talking about and I replied appropriately to his comment. India has been on the forefront defending its own country from Muslim Jihad for centuries. A lot of their blood has been shed. Their war against the Muslim “Thugs” and many others is well documented. We should know that they are not terrorists. And that moderate Muslims may be apologists or even apostates, but they are not all terrorists either.

D.E. Gronquist


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