When our nation goes to war, it seems logical that all adult citizens should contribute. Our troops and their families carry the load. The children of slain soldiers suffer. It appears our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will pay the monetary costs. Our war industries profit from the war.

A small percent of our citizens accept war if they benefit monetarily. Also a few, including some congressmen, think the loss of lives and injuries are justified if we can establish a democracy in Iraq. Revenge is more important to some Shiites and Sunnis than a democratic form of government.

There seems to be no satisfactory solution to the war in Iraq. Former President Carter calls the war in Iraq one of the greatest blunders that American presidents have ever made. An editorial in the Investor Business Daily, dated Dec. 14, gives several reasons why the war has been worth the painful sacrifices many Americans have made.

Two veterans of prior wars have opposite opinions. Sen. John McCain says we should send more troops to Iraq. Rep. John Murtha says we should pull out today. Our unyielding president seems to want to “stay the course” with some variations.

The total cost of the war, some estimate $2 billion per week, will continue after the war is over. The worn-out war equipment will have to be replaced. In addition to pensions paid to the permanently injured, many returning veterans are seeking mental treatment.

It is hoped that with all the attention and resources used in the war, that it will not result in failure to safeguard our security here at home. Hopefully, our leaders will have sufficient wisdom and common sense to find the least undesirable solution.

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