The letters about the upcoming school bond vote have drawn my interest. Apparently, there are those such as Ms. Couch, Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Long who ask us to join them in their own self-interest while a whole host of others have asked that we support the students and the community.

Couch has continually written columns criticizing the school board and district and I could not find a case where she has anything positive to say about the district. Ramsey showed his colors in his last letter by finally agreeing Stillwater needs a new stadium, just not in his neighborhood. And Long, she has property on 19th Avenue just off of U.S. Highway 177 that she would like to sell.

I look at the board members to see if they have a vested interest and found three members no longer have kids in the district, one has kids who will not likely be able to use the facilities before they graduate and one has young children. I went to to get information on the bond and found an array of projects the bond will cover.

I have no kids but I can see, as a member of the community, the right thing to do is to support my elected officials who, without pay, have worked many hours to put a plan before us to improve K-12 facilities and the community. I encourage others to vote for the school bond and against the special interests.

Christopher Branch


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