I read the article about Dr. Swanson’s heart attack, which seemed to me to actually be a report on the school board meeting. Dr. Swanson you have my sympathy and I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

The report did raise some questions and concerns, at least in my mind.

1. Why don’t we have a superintendent who lives, pays taxes and has a vested interest in Stillwater? Who is here every day to see the results of his decisions and actions?

2. Why is a “for profit” busing contractor being considered for the children who ride buses?

3. The report on the meeting stated “As much as some members of the board might want to respond to these comments from the public, said board President Dr. Michael Dicks, they could not do so during the general meeting because the topic had not been included on the agenda.”

It wasn’t on the agenda so we couldn’t address it? Are you serious? Why wasn’t the public informed of this decision? Better yet, why weren’t the parents informed?

I remember my days riding a bus. Charlie Kinkaid was the driver and if one of the kids had an injury which made it difficult to walk or the weather was bad, he would forget his schedule and go out of his way to make sure the kids were taken care of. A contractor won’t do that. I think something this serious should be put to a vote of the community.

Red Steiner


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