I attended a Sept. 4 meeting to hear representatives of Citizens for Public Schools explain the school bond issue.

I asked what the plans were for Hamilton Field if the bond issue passed and a new multi-use stadium was built at the high school. The interim school superintendent responded the schools will continue to use Hamilton Field for other sports, but not football, after the new stadium is constructed.

The CPS group reported forensic engineers have concluded Hamilton should be used for “only three more years for safety of the entire student body and Stillwater community.”

If that is the case, when will the necessary repairs be made to ‘unsafe’ Hamilton Field so it can be used for other sporting events? How much will this cost? Where does that money come from? Is it included in the $2.6 million district-wide maintenance fund, or from another source in the proposed bond issue? Can it come from the 30 percent contingency fund?

When built in 1961, Stillwater High School was named for my grandfather, C.E. Donart. The name was changed to Stillwater High School in 1983-4. It bothered me at the time that school officials had such little respect for history and his 53 years of service to Stillwater.

Now, however, I am glad the high school is no longer named for him. He was such a straight arrow. If his name was still on the high school, he would be turning over in his grave at this bond issue.

Barbara Dunn


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