While many attempts at getting young people to participate in the election process are successful, like MTV's Rock the Vote, a local candidate is reaching much farther.

Bob Murphy, who is running as the Democratic candidate for the District 21 state Senate seat, created a Facebook page, and is active in updating information and recruiting new members to join.

Facebook is a social networking site which is very popular, especially among high school and college students. Once a member of the site, you can upload pictures, videos, share information with friends, make new ones, learn about cultural events, local music, even political events. According to their Web site, there are over 110 million active users; over 500 of them are in Stillwater. What a great untapped resource!

By establishing a presence on Facebook, Murphy shows that he is truly interested in the vote of young and web-savvy users alike. In fact, in a recent message to the members of his Facebook group, appropriately titled, "Bob Murphy for Senate 2008,"ù he states that peer to peer is the best influence for the next generation'ù and extolled the young members to set a good example for their elders by voting.

I happen to be both a young person and web-savvy, and was really impressed to see a local candidate taking such an initiative to reach people like myself. I also had the pleasure to serve on a jury where Murphy presided as judge, and found him very professional and fair. Guess who I'll be voting for Nov. 4.

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