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Morrison High School Class of 1972 in attendance. Left to right: Ronnie Leigh, Sandy McCurry Hamann, Johnna Long Hasenfratz, Thersa Barnett Williams, Teresa Rupp Snyder, Karen Webb Beasley and Randy Ritthaler.

John Chatburn was Morrison High School Principal. R. E. VanBuskirk was Morrison Schools Superintendent. Richard Nixon was President. The Vietnam War was ending and Watergate were in the newspaper headlines.

Video games, personal computers, the internet, and cellphones had not yet been popularized.

Seventeen MHS alumni congregated at the Red Building in Morrison on Oct. 19, to reminisce and get re-acquainted.

What is most surprising is that all but three of the attendees stayed in the Morrison area, and one has since moved back. However, Dixie (Enslow) Tigcheler moved all the way to Florida, and to Holland! Ten of the alumni that attended had spent all 12 years in Morrison Schools.

The organizers for the reunion included Teresa (LaFollette) Moser, Nellie (Rhoades) Thomas, and Becky (Myers) Moran.

The class officers in 1972 were Morris Strom, President; Johnna Long, Vice President; Dennis James, Secretary; Danny Barrick, Treasurer, and Jana Henrickson, Reporter.

Class of 1973 officers were Becky Myers, President; Myrna Donovan, Vice President; Nellie Rhoades, Secretary; Jeannie Speer, Treasurer; Pam Kopp, Representative; Linda Jelinek and Barbara Campbell, Reporters.

For the Class of 1974, Tommye Schritter was President; Joe Kinnick, Vice President; Charlotte LaFollette, Secretary; Robin Webb, Treasurer; Mark Pruitt, Representative; Bob Inselman and Shirley Morgan, Reporters.

Class Sponsor in 1972 was Calvert Francis. In 1973, Joyce Hardie and Teresa Simmons were Class Sponsors. Class Sponsors in 1974 were Phil Berkenbile and Lynn Clements.

Refreshments served were sandwiches and other finger foods. Alumni enjoyed reminiscing over the Old Wildcat Breeze school newspapers. There was a memorial table in honor of classmates who had passed away.

The primary topic of discussion among classmates was family: parents, siblings, kids, and of course, grandkids. Some of the classes’ most memorable events included going to Shakey’s and Bill’s Italian Restaurant for pizza.

Attendees (not including spouses) for Class of 1972 were Ronnie Leigh, Randy Ritthaler, Johnna (Long) Hasenfratz, Karen (Webb) Beasley, Sandy (McCurry) Hamann, Teresa (Rupp) Snyder, Thersa (Barnett) Williams.

The Class of 1973 in attendance were Dixie (Enslow) Tigcheler, Teresa (LaFollette) Moser, Nellie (Rhoades) Thomas, Becky (Myers) Moran, Jeannie (Speer) Schardein, Mark Schardein, Pam (Kopp) Sadler, Karen (Jones) Black.

Those attending from Class of 1974 included Charlotte Bowling and Tom Downey. 

“Everyone was glad they came,” Teresa Moser said.

Amy Keith lives near and writes about the town of Morrison.

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