Stillwater High School had 12 teams named Academic State Champs. That’s 12 teams full of students who have achieved scholastically at a high rate while simultaneously pursuing these extracurricular activities, many more several at a time.

One would be cause for celebration, but 12 means a standard of academic excellence that sets SHS in a class by itself.

A hearty congratulations to the students of the SHS band, orchestra, baseball team, boys’ soccer team, boys and girls’ golf teams, girls’ tennis, boys’ basketball, football, boys’ and girls’ swimming and pom. The previous record was nine titles in one school year.

That’s incredible, but even more so than most of us would consider.

SHS Principal Uwe Gordon broken it down like this: The traditional sports are OSSAA official, Orchestra and Band are OSSAA but don’t always get that specific championship designation from the OSSAA, even though they carry the highest average Grade Point Average. The pom squad is in a different organization, but is academic state champions among schools in that organization. Now, for Orchestra and Band, that makes seven years in a row, the best streak of any program. Basketball has won seven of the last eight. It was the first win for girls tennis, and with that win, every program at SHS that is eligible has now won an academic state championship.

“These seniors have been a part of more academic state championships than any other senior class,” Gordon said.

How impressive is that, really?

“The girls golf team when they were awarded they were the 100th academic state championship we’ve won since 1992,” said Gordon.


Stillwater has also won at least one title since they began keeping track in 1992.

Not just impressive, also pretty rare among Oklahoma schools. An organization called Oklahoma High School Sports Historical Society, not sure exactly what that is either, had been tracking championships up through 2017. It may have only been specific to OSSAA sports programs, but it listed Stillwater far above any other large school.

We’re extremely proud of our Stillwater High Schools students and the faculty, staff, coaches and parents that keep them focused on these lofty goals. Best of luck, seniors.