Too many animals are being surrendered to Stillwater Animal Welfare, and not enough are being adopted out.

It’s a simple formula for overcrowding our shelter. It’s pretty dire. Animal Welfare is maintained as a no-kill shelter but sheer numbers might change that.

We wrote about the situation about a month ago, and the situation hasn’t gotten much better.

We’ve also reported about a new ballot initiative to build a shelter, but that vote isn’t until the fall and the new shelter could be years away from this point.

They need adoptions. They need willing families to, at the very least, foster some animals to reduce overcrowding. But, a permanent home would be best.

It’s also a tricky time of year for our animal shelters. New spring litters of kittens and pups have been introduced and, unfortunately, people will surrender dogs at the end of college sessions.

There are a lot of ways to volunteer time or resources, and we suggest going to the Stillwater Animal Welfare Facebook page to stay up to date on events. Still, the best way to help is adopting some pets.

It would also be a good idea for a few more local organizations and businesses to partner with Animal Welfare. Perhaps a few gift cards here or there other goodies could help sweeten the pot during an adoption event.

Please do whatever you can within your means to keep Animal Welfare as a no-kill shelter.


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