Will it be a boost?

A shot in the arm?

It’s something.

The City of Stillwater, and Stillwater Medical Center, are putting up the funds for COVID-19 vaccination incentives.

Well, technically, much of it is taxpayer money since it came from the federal CARES Act funds. It was actually suggested and encouraged by the Biden Administration that some of the CARES money go to incentive programs.

We’ve seen something similar in other states, and our two biggest colleges.

Oklahoma State introduced Poke-A-Thon as an incentive campaign last month. OU introduced its incentive campaign Friday, minus such a catchy name. Something the City has in common with the college programs is they are all giving away football tickets to sweeten the deal.

What if the football programs tried to create vaccine passports for entry into games, would that make a difference?

Technically, Senate Bill 658 prevents school boards, and even college boards, from creating vaccine passports, but could a football program go rogue?

Could a school administrator?

“SB 658 specifically prohibits school boards from adopting mask requirements, but it’s silent as to administrators and individual teachers,” Democrat minority leader Rep. Emily Virgin tweeted Thursday.

She’s a lawyer, and this thing hasn’t really been tested in courts.

Not many cities in Oklahoma have announced a program. The state could have tried something similar, but we kind of know how that goes.

So if the carrot doesn’t work, would we consider the stick?

Kind of depends if we’ve decided if we have a breaking point for the newest wave of this pandemic.

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