Now, the McKnight Center for the Performing Arts could have events that require proof of vaccination, masking, negative COVID-19 tests, or all or none of the above.

It depends on the visiting artist.

Do we know where Tim McGraw stands on masking? Or how Bernadette Peters feels about vaccines?

You may recall that we’ve been told mask mandates and vaccine passports were against the law at public schools and state agencies.

We now know, and at least one judge has upheld, that public schools can require masks as long as there are opt-outs, but that’s not quite what’s going on here at the McKnight Center.

In our strictest interpretation of legalize, we believe this is what’s called a loophole.

I guess we’ll see if anyone bothers to kick up a fuss.

Hope not, but if they do, we hope the University puts all its legal weight behind defending it.

We need a few more certainties in life.

Do you remember when state lawmakers were trying to sell Senate Bill 658 – the one that forbids the public school boards from acting locally to keep people safe – or at least trying to justify it?

A handful were pretty clearly wrapped up in some anti-vax sentiment, but many made statements that alluded to the governor having the power to negate the bill with an emergency declaration. Like, if things got bad again, he would just declare an emergency, so there’s no really no harm in passing SB658.

Enter the delta variant.

Enter people who recognized the need to act.

It appears even a little leadership can go a long way under the right circumstances.

A tip of the hat to these visiting artists, or whomever is responsible for being responsible.

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