Schools and masks, a hot topic, but one we don’t have to spend a whole lot of time on.

There are questions on how to enforce it for young people, whether it’s even necessary, going even further whether it’s a problem to open.

And, as much as we’ve been sticklers, we actually think there could be concessions for how some of this works in schools. We’re not always doom and gloom. And, it seems the science is proving out that the lack of vulnerability, infection and spread among the very young does allow for some flexibility.

A big worry, and we can understand the concerns, is that it’s going to be very hard to get the 5- to 7-year olds to comply or have a long enough attention span to keep a mask on. But, and this really only applies to the young, a few slips may not be that bad.

People want to look at these kind of things on a case-by-case basis, but really, if we zoom out on the telescope we can look at this with a wider view. We really just want to hit a certain percentage, have a certain amount of coverage and ensure that there is enough compliance to suit the laws of statistics.

Schools are going to be a kind of petri dish – a kind of testing ground. At least data scientists will be occupied for the next few months.

So, yes, we’re now sweating the details and it’s a tough job for school administrators, but maybe, in this case, perfect is the enemy of good.

Maybe, in this case, we’re going to feel good about giving out the blue ribbons for effort.

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