Is the goal now to actually herd children and school staff together under a roof so it ends up like one of those old-timey pox parties?

We only ask because it seems odd that given the consistently open opportunity to do something, anything, differently, for schools in regard to COVID-19, state leadership has chose nothing.

And when schools, trying to act locally within oppressive government overreach, rebel because they don’t want to infect staff and children, they get threatened by the governor and attorney general.

Do we have to discuss the irony that the AG has joined the effort to get the courts to overturn about four different federal laws in less than three weeks?

The state health director is on record saying masks should be worn indoors in school.

Have you heard any of the state lawmakers who voted yes on Senate Bill 658 express regret? Or do the stand-up thing and admit to being wrong?

Things are bad, but at least people who confuse compassion with weakness have their freedom.

The freedom to spread disease. The freedom to force children and potentially compromised adults who can’t be vaccinated into situations far more uncomfortable than a cloth over the nose.

The choice now in Oklahoma is deal with infection, or shut down and go virtual. That’s pretty much it.

The scenario is playing out a bit ahead of us in Florida. There a County Circuit Court judge ruled that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order banning masks mandates was outside of his authority.

We don’t know all the different intricacies between Oklahoma and Florida law, but a lot of it boils down to needing for schools to have the power to make public health determinations.

Shouldn’t there be?

Hasn’t there always been?

Lice? TB? Flu outbreaks?

The song remains the same. If people were behaving responsibly, we wouldn’t be here. Why are the irresponsible determining what’s best for us?

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