School is in session. For how long, who can really say?

But, welcome back. It’s truly one of the most exciting times of the year for us.

We have Stillwater schools beginning this week and Oklahoma State University beginning next week.

Enjoy those first couple of weeks. Really enjoy it. School might look very different next month.

Or, maybe, just maybe we behave very responsibly for the next few weeks and we ensure that we can have a fun fall filled with football, concerts, Halloween parties and all kinds of things.

Because, we could. We could still have the kind of fall we were envisioning this spring. But, we all need to pull on the same end of the rope to win this tug-of-war.

For one thing, as it’s been reported more than a few times, our hospitals are pretty full, our hospitals staffs are stretched beyond all reliable capabilities and here in Stillwater, we’ve just about doubled our population.

Be careful.

We’re at an increased risk for traffic incidents, alcohol-related incidents, and all kinds of other mischief that could put someone in the ER.

And it’s not a great a time to need an ER.

Be careful.

Please pay extra special attention while driving, please be a little more patient and please have empathy for the more vulnerable among us.

Thanks to Stillwater Schools and OSU for whatever extra motivation or recommendations they can come up with to get more people to be responsible for their neighbors.

We’re not trying to rain on the picnic, we want this to be a fun time, and exciting time, but please be careful.

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