Americans have risked their lives for Afghans; some even lost their lives.

The same is true for a lot of Afghans.

Many in Afghanistan who have aided Americans and other allied countries throughout the last 20 years are now targets for the Taliban.

Many have managed to leave the country. Many more have not.

We’ve been reading stories of Oklahomans who have helped with the evacuation of Americans and Afghans alike, many risking their own lives to get friends out of harm’s way.

We thank them. We also hope they are getting every bit of aid, influence and whatever scrap of help people with the power to do so can muster.

This is the right thing to do.

We appreciate Gov. Kevin Stitt rolling out the welcome mat.

He’s on record saying he is willing to have the state be safe harbor for Afghans fleeing the Taliban.

Sen. James Lankford has made similar statements.

We’ve heard from Rep. Ty Burns, a veteran of Afghanistan deployments, about his concern with the Afghans he worked with.

Regardless about what you think about the war, about the withdrawal, or whomever was in charge at the time, you have to recognize that we bear a responsibility to not only those who have helped Americans, but also those who seek a better way of life due to circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances we largely helped create.

We would deem it a very honorable and compassionate service if Oklahoma was a leader in Afghan relocation.

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