The year’s almost over, and that always gives us something to look forward to.

Also, here’s something no-one wants to say aloud, but most of us probably know: Almost any other country doing as poorly as we have with this virus, in our current situation, would have probably called for another shutdown.

The S-word.

If you’re cringing, don’t worry, it almost certainly won’t happen, unless we fail to get enough people vaccinated.

Oh, wait.

Could that happen?

Well, we know the people who think they are being injected with mind-control nanobots or microchipped, as if the shadow government needs to know whether 36-year-old Terry from Idaho prefers Denny’s or IHOP.

Can we digress for a moment to consider how laughable it is to be worried about being tracked, while posting this worry on Facebook – on a mobile computer?

Anyway, that group is out. Can’t count on then.

There is the anti-vaxxers who share misinformation and probably won’t be convinced that lavender oil is a better health option.

They’re out.

What about the others? What about those who might just avoid the vaccine for spite? Because things didn’t turn out their way. How do reach them?

Ever since we split into multiple realities, we also created multiple versions of history.

The actual history of the pandemic is that the first shutdown was enacted because our hospitals weren’t ready for it. They didn’t have the supplies needed, the medical science hadn’t caught up yet and we had a lot of influential people still downplaying the virus.

We know the reality, and we know that the hospitals are having a hard time. That isn’t going change if we don’t tamp down the curve again with broader mitigation efforts, and it certainly won’t happen if people don’t volunteer for the vaccination when they get a chance.

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