It’s hard to expand on any one aspect following former officer Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in the death of George Floyd.

Here are a few thoughts:

• Protesting Americans didn’t convict Derek Chauvin. Neither did the media. Twelve jurors did.

• Maybe the entire U.S. justice system, in a way, was on trial. It was at least as scrutinized as it has been in a very long time.

• The trial mattered. The outcome mattered. It was newsworthy. It wasn’t something blown out of proportion.

Mainly, because most of us watched George Floyd die, or at least saw him being killed. That isn’t something that happens on a national level.

This should have changed our collective psyche.

This was different, because the people seeking answers weren’t just the aggrieved. But, the list of the aggrieved grows longer, doesn’t it, the longer injustice drags out? So, this was different.

Floyd’s death, though not his alone, sparked protests across the world, even amidst a pandemic. It seemed for the first time in a long time more people were on the playing field than on the sidelines.

• The outcome, was as many of our readers expressed, a relief. Maybe for more than a few reasons. It did seem like things were ready to boil over, and a different outcome would have created more unrest. It also seemed like, as we know, things could have easily gone the other way and an officer responsible for ending a person’s life could have evaded justice.

• Justice was demanded, and it was received.

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