The Fiesta Bowl?

Against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

That’s a heckuva consolation prize.

Yes, it’s been a weird couple of weeks as Oklahoma State wins Bedlam, Oklahoma’s coach bolts, Oklahoma State comes up just inches short of a Big 12 title and then loses its dynamic defensive coordinator.

We’re not real big believers in moral victories but things could be much worse.

The Pokes could have been left out in the cold, but people on a national stage got to see how scrappy they are. They got to see the kind of grit we’ve seen every week.

And, even when the offense is having trouble, OSU was still playing some good football.

But, the losses still sting. Even though it’s very unlikely OSU would have been picked for the semifinals, it would have been almost surreal to have won a conference title and had a chance to play for a national title.

Seasons like this don’t come around often for the Cowboys, and who can say when the next will be?

And, that’s kind of the issue, right?

If opportunities like this come along every 10 years or so, OSU will still be a pretty significant program, but it might also still be a stepping stone, and the future of the Big 12 conference is still kind of muddy.

We don’t know what a Big 12 conference win will be worth in the future. It would be nice to win those games we aren’t supposed to win, to take that next step.

The only way to avoid being a stepping stone is to reach the highest ground. It’s not impossible.

No, we don’t know what the future holds but we’re happy to be in a good bowl game.

We do know we should all probably be rooting very hard for the Cincinnati Bearcats, don’t we?

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