This is kind of a two-fer, to remind people of the need to shop local and small this holiday season, and to give thanks.

Now holiday shopping might run you the added risk of stumbling into supply chain issues. Not a problem if you shop small and local.

When you shop local, a lot of that money stays in the community and keeps our local economy healthy, expanding the tax base and keeping local people employed.

There’s also some pretty good stuff out there. We have some nice shops here. And, we’ll kick off Merry Main Street on Friday, which should be a scene.

Now, to give thanks.

What are we thankful for this year?

• Health. As a workplace, the News Press has been very fortunate during the pandemic. Vaccination works, and it should be booster time for a lot of people in Payne County, so don’t skip it.

• A growing audience. Seriously.

Where we typically thank our readers, and we do appreciate them greatly, that isn’t the sum of the people who engage with the News Press. Combining the traditionally print subscribers with the electronic subscribers, those who follow on social media, podcasts, videos or elsewhere, more people than ever are engaging with News Press journalists. We appreciate it.

• Our staff. They work hard and they love what they do.

• Our clients and partners. We wouldn’t be here without our advertisers.

• Agencies that respond quickly to records request. We’re actually pretty fortunate that not many of the local agencies give us a hard time about records requests. OSU and the City of Stillwater are usually pretty quick about fulfilling requests.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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