Throughout the pandemic, we’ve still seen plenty of reason for optimism, mainly because of the heartwarming moments of altruism and appreciation shown to those who have been struggling.

That’s human nature, and it’s really going to be the only thing that makes us come out the other side of the pandemic – and whatever other kind of chaos political or otherwise – that has us keeping our human decency intact.

We saw a lot of that right here. If you haven’t had the chance, please visit the Facebook pages of Stillwater Medical and Stillwater Medical Foundation to see all the cards, gifts and other goodies people throughout the community brought to SMC to brighten the holidays and lift the spirits of the frontline workers.

Schoolchildren sent in hundreds of handwritten cards and notes, and donations were used to purchase gift cards from more than 40 businesses to deliver to hundreds of employees.

Our thanks to organizers Preston Bobo, Whitney Bailey and Chris Peters and our thanks to those businesses and individuals who contributed.

And, if you’re still looking to pitch in some way, we know Stillwater Medical could use some volunteers right now.

Volunteer coordinator Lisa Eckels told us they could use some help at the Gift Shop, Reception Desk, errand runners and helpers who walk and transport patients to destinations.

They would be incredibly grateful for this kind of help.

Contact for more On the web: information.

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