It’s been some time since we printed it, but here’s your reminder that it is Healthcare Professional Appreciation Week in Stillwater.

Part of that, if you weren’t aware, today is the deadline for the vaccination incentive raffle. Our thanks to Visit Stillwater for the work they’ve done helping take down all the information.

We’d also like to thank our local healthcare workers who have been through the gauntlet. It’s odd how often Stillwater ends up in national news for a town of its size, but we got a bit of attention again a few weeks ago when Stillwater Medical used an emergency declaration to get extra help and erected tents outside for Labor Day weekend and OSU’s home opener.

They reported not using the tents that weekend, but apparently had used some of the extra staffing that was provided.

While cases and hospitalizations are trending downward, we still don’t know what to expect. If we can’t get enough people, could we expect spikes like this in the future? Does COVID-19 become seasonal? Will we eventually get to a point where COVID-19 mutates into something less deadly?

It seems like everything is on the table. But, whatever happens, our healthcare professionals need to know they have our support.

It’s been an exhausting, and possibly traumatic time, for many.

Today there will be a Stillwater Police and Fire parade through the SMC parking lots. That begins at 6:30 p.m. If you can’t make it in person, it will be streamed on the City of Stillwater Facebook Page.

Friday, they’ve asked that you share a kind message on social media, hopefully with photos tagging @StillwaterMedicalCenter and using the hashtage #SleevesUpStillwater.

It’s a good reminder that the best way we can support our healthcare workers and overall healthcare infrastructure is by getting vaccinated. Also, get your regular check-ups so small problems don’t become emergencies.

Thank you to our healthcare heroes.

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