Thanks are overdue to the utility crews here, and throughout the state, who have worked tirelessly to restore power to hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans.

Those damaging ice storms seem rare enough now in Stillwater, that when one does come along it packs a wallop. And if it leaves you in the cold and the dark it’s frightening. It becomes even more frightening if you’re taking care of young children or vulnerable adults.

Those affected by the outages in Stillwater went from around 10,000 after the first night, to now a couple of hundred still affected.

Many cities and residents are in a much tougher position.

The News Press had a power outage that affected operations Tuesday, but we were quickly back to our normal routine Wednesday. That’s pretty remarkable, and we would bet a lot of people who got the power back would agree.

Our sympathy goes out to those who were displaced by the outage, and those who are still dealing with it.

Oklahoma winters tend to be kind of unpredictable. We never really know what winter has in store for us from how cold to how wet, but we know we have to be ready for anything.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to their neighbors, those sheltering others, those who are helping repair homes and those out there helping with all the tree limbs.

The way we get through these things make this a special place to call home.

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