We almost forgot, about something we made a big deal of earlier, and it wouldn’t do to be hypocritical at this time.

Here it is, from the Dec. 3 Our View:

A lot of things are still in limbo, but one thing we’re certain of is that if we don’t see people coming out of the woodwork to file for these openings, whether with the city seat or school board, we will know they weren’t as concerned about local government as they would like us to believe.

We had seven file to run for the soon to be open City Council seat. And that’s even without the incumbent, Vice Mayor Pat Darlington, seeking re-election.

Those seeking the seat will be: Preston Bobo, Christie Hawkins, Riley T. Flack, Ronald Warren McElliot Jr., Bryce Moody, Ariel J. Ross and Mary S. Tetrick.

Well done.


Credit where credit is due.

Can anyone remember when there were that many people running for one seat, or the next highest number?

It’s a surprise, and not just because it’s an usually high number for one of our municipal elections, but because, honestly, after everything they’ve had to deal with, it doesn’t seem like an enviable position.

But, we asked, and we received, and we have a lot of people here who like covering elections.

We don’t know how the recall petition and lawsuit are going to shake out, but we know we should have at least one councilor in place next year.

Imagine being the only city councilor in Stillwater? Nope, not an enviable position at all.

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