When we look at COVID-19’s resurgence and our state’s continued failures to corral it, we want to look ahead to the promise of a functioning and effective vaccine, but we also want to mutter over and over “we’re not out of the woods yet.”

And, there’s a problem with that idiom. It isn’t quite potent enough to describe our current situation.

It’s more like we mired a swamp, surrounded by brambles, and all trees are poison oak. Also there are rats, and the rats attract snakes, so there are snakes.

We’re not out of that yet.

But there may be hope. After first not weighing in one way or another, then telling us it’s a personal responsibility, then not too long ago telling us it’s a personal responsibility, our state leaders have finally let us know that they still believe face coverings are a personal responsibility.

Also, our hospitals are overrun.

We may now be at a point to where actively trying to test as many Oklahomans as possible, regardless of symptoms, would be beneficial. How far away are we from a point to where our hospitals are creating what amounts to triage units, or before we have mobile morgues like in El Paso or until hospitals are having to make the call on who lives or who dies because only so many people can be treated at one time?

Is there a line that can finally be crossed that will take our state from words to action? Because those lines look pretty bad, and we’d rather not have to cross them.

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