Did you know the Fourth of July is often among the deadliest holiday weekends?

When you start to think about it, it makes sense. There are often fatal wrecks associated with increased holiday travel across the country, but with the Fourth of July you add in people who might be drinking and driving, drinking and boating, drinking and overheating, drinking and swimming, even sober, a lot of those things can be deadly when there are simply more people doing it at a given time.

Fireworks don’t kill too many people a year, but they can injure and maim.

There have always been Fourth of July hazards, but in America, many of us just see that as another way of being free. We have the freedom to make our own mistakes. Here, we point Roman candles at each other. Do that do that in other countries? Do they do that in Rome?

Not sure, but there is usually a big part of us that knows we’re doing something dangerous, and a small part of us that knows we’re doing it just because we are “able to.”

We want people to be safe this Fourth of July. We want them to be able to celebrate the nation’s independence without having a pall cast over it by unnecessary death or harm.

We want that for everybody.

We know what we are able to do, what we should do and what we should be allowed to do.

We’re all hopefully going to enjoy the Fourth of July, then it’s back to work next week. The Stillwater City Council is going to meet Monday and consider an ordinance that mandates face coverings.

It’s one thing to not care if we harm ourselves, but a totally different thing to not care about harming others.

We’ve tried voluntary and seen how far the honor system goes.

If this council wants to move ahead with the mandate, they have our blessing.

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