Want proof that the times, they are a changing?

On a Monday afternoon, at a marijuana dispensary near a main avenue in Stillwater, characters from late ’70s television/’80s film packed a parking lot for an impromptu concert.

Could you have imagined something like that happening even three years ago?

And, it seemed like a good time.

Our sincere thanks to Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi for making Stillwater a stop on their Blues Brothers mini-tour. And yes, the bulk of the touring is to promote their brands of cannabis products.

For one, it was kind of weird that this all came together and it didn’t seem like any taboos were being breeched. It seemed kind of normal. For another, it gives us hope for future events seeing Stillwater host an outdoor performance, (with a main promotional avenue being the stwnewspress.com website and social media) and draw a crowd.

Outside of sporting events, we haven’t had a lot of opportunities to emerge from our pandemic shells. We hope event planners are taking notice.

It gives us hope for Merry Main Street 2021, the holiday shopping/Christmas scene (the igloo-looking things) re-emerging on Block 34.

It gives us hope for the future of Block 34.

If the weather’s nice, it appears Stillwater has a lot of space and opportunity.

The next time you hear somebody say, “Hey, we should do this?” Say, “What’s stopping you?”

Odds are there are people here who can help you make it happen.

It seems the trick is to give the people what they want, and we firmly believe it has to be more than weed and celebrities.

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