Of all the preposterous ideas floated by the patriots and junior scientists standing up against the supposed tyranny of a face-covering ordinance at the City Council meeting, one stood out that we would hope isn’t shared by many. 

That was the idea that the disease is somehow the sole responsibility of an individual to avoid contracting it. That truly healthy people with impeccable diets should have no fear of contracting the virus. That same idea was held in concert with the idea that others would bear no responsibility in spreading it. To this, we say, “huh?”

We wonder how many people share this sentiment, and we hope it isn’t many. Because, we have plenty of Oklahomans with underlying health conditions, especially when you start looking at the broad list of things that could complicate the virus – such as being overweight, having high blood pressure, having asthma or other chronic respiratory illness, cancer, having diabetes and list that stretches far enough to include a pretty large swath of the population. 

Are there really people out there who don’t realize you can get a chronic illness despite how much you diet or exercise? Or does it just make people feel better to wrap every single issue where a little compassion could get us through tough times by believing personal responsibility is the key to all that ails us. 

Why did the human race form societies? Why do we live in towns now? We do it because we need each other. And we need each other to care about each other. 

Ken Chance lived his life for others. He death likely came from someone who had no idea they were spreading it. There is no shame in contracting this virus, having complications from the virus or succumbing to it. Spreading it, that’s another story, because we’ve been told by people who study these kinds of things what to do about it. We are well aware of the choices that are in front of us. We’re going to follow Mr. Chance’s example and choose compassion.  

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