We’re very grateful that the Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games are back in Stillwater.

Yes, another, victim to the pandemic that we are getting back but also it’s just an undeniably wholesome event that’s good for us on so many levels.

It’s good for our city. It’s good to have all the visitors. It’s good for our local businesses. It’s good for the Olympians to be in such a hospitable atmosphere. It’s good for our volunteers, organizations and businesses to be able to participate in something that allows them to pitch in and give back.

Our thanks to those who have led the effort to keep the event here and those who are in charge of the selection.

We hope people will remember that this could mean a bit of excess traffic and maybe even more foot traffic around the campus and high school, so we need to be cautious drivers this weekend.

Good luck to all our Olympians. You bring us a lot of joy. Have a fun and safe time while in Stillwater.

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