People, for the most part, will follow the rules.

We like structure, it’s comforting.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Lance Frye said something along the lines of a mask mandate would even turn people away from masks, that people who would wear them out of choice would rebel if that choice was taken away.

We beg to differ. Because, we know differently.

Gov. Kevin Stitt, who to the surprise of no-one, is still a holdout for a statewide face covering mandate, on Thursday, said “magic words,” wouldn’t help – meaning just creating the mandate wouldn’t mean people would suddenly begin to comply.

It seems like both Frye and Stitt are trying to, against prevailing science and good common sense, are mostly trying to get everyone to see things the way they do.

This virus doesn’t care about our ideological disputes.

We know what it was like here in Stillwater before the face covering signs went up on storefronts and after the signs went up on storefronts.

Before, even though it was “strongly recommended,” most people weren’t wearing masks into stores. Many store employees were not. After the mandate went up, that changed didn’t it?

The actions of the Stillwater City Council made those stores and public spaces safer for older adults and other vulnerable people.

Words have weight. We know this. We’ve seen this.

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