We reckon, come Monday night, we’re going to see a few scattered complaints about how the City Council had “already made up their minds,” concerning extending the deadline on the citywide mask mandate.

In this case, that’s the way it should be, because the science has been settled for a long time. A councilor changing his or her mind from July to November, based on the politicking of citizens who think liberty means doing whatever you please would not be a fitting choice for council.

This country would be a wild place if the loudest people in the room won every argument. Science doesn’t work like that. And this virus does really care about our political discourse. It seeks only to destroy healthy cells and move to a new host.

We backed face coverings at the beginning of the pandemic, we backed them even after a few townsfolk blew a gasket back in May, we supported the Council when they approved the ordinance in July and we support them now in extending the sunset to February.

It seems, we too, have made up our minds.

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