As far as we know, no one has “missed” their opportunity to be vaccinated in Payne County.

Mostly, because not all the opportunities have arrived in Payne County.

A story we published Friday about first responders being vaccinated mentioned the current clinic, already sold out so to speak, which is also for first responders and health care workers.

While other county health departments and some tribal health departments have announced, and already filled some 65-over clinics, Payne County has not announced a Point of Delivery Site for the over 65 crowd.

There may have been people that belong to multiple categories so they can get a shot for different reasons. There could be some organizational issues. There may have been line skippers, and it may have been unintentional.

It could be that not all the spots were filling up, and that if someone in the 65-over group called for an appointment, they went ahead and gave it to them.

What there hasn’t been, is a missed announcement. The last public notice referred to the first-responder/healthcare worker clinic, and then there was a message that they were full. We missed an opportunity to rerun the first announcement in the Weekend print edition, but as far as how everything is supposed to work with communications from those in charge of the vaccines, there was nothing to report.

We also want to know as soon as possible when vaccines are ready for the general public. We can’t wait to share the news. We can also say, it’s nice to learn about so many people who look forward to the vaccine.

What we have is nothing short of a moonshot kind of achievement in science to have the vaccine so quickly, and so far it has been a very good and overwhelmingly safe endeavor.

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