It has been said that, “God made man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

Some truth there. If the hulking brute in front of you is intending to pull your head like a cork from a wine bottle, Sam Colt’s equalizer is a good idea.

However, it isn’t just men that have benefited from the equalizing power of a firearm. Women – some the tiniest, most feminine, cultured and mannerly of them – have on occasion found that an attacker calms quickly at the sight of a deep, dark, gun barrel looking at them.

Call me a chauvinist, I really don’t care. I know there are women who can hold their own with men in most activities, including owning and operating firearms. I applaud them.

It’s just that we don’t associate them with firearms, especially celebrity women, as often as we do, “The menfolk.” Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that many of Hollywood’s distaff elite are pro-gun people.

Here is a list of “gungirls” that might surprise you:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG – I was shocked to learn that this liberal leader is (or was, as late as 2012) a card-carrying NRA member. Fox News host John Stossel asked her, “Are you packing heat now?” Goldberg was alleged to have responded, “You don’t want to find out.”

ANGELINA JOLIE – Actually purchased replicas of the firearms she used in, “Tomb Raider.” “If anyone came in my home and tried to hurt my children (she’s the mother of six), I’d have no problem shooting them,” Jolie said.

MIRANDA LAMBERT – A hunter and licensed concealed carry gun owner, Lambert was instructed in safe and responsible gun handling at an early age by her policeman father. She carries for personal security following death threats.

DEMI MOORE – Fires fully automatic weapons at gun ranges and is known to own and carry a Glock semiautomatic. Demi and a Glock: both beautiful.

EVA LONGORIA – Says she handled her first gun at age four. “I grew up target shooting all the time, so I’m great with a gun.”

DOLLY PARTON – No real surprise there. Dolly grew up hunting with her father and brothers. “If someone walked in on me, I would probably shoot them.” What say we don’t test her on that?

MADONNA – Here was a real surprise for me. She was known to be a good pheasant hunter until the strong-willed woman who always does things her own way caved in to animal rights groups.

KATIE PAVLICH – This Fox News contributor was raised in a rural setting and is a competitive shooter with rifle and handguns.

LACEY SWOPE – Closer to home, our own Channel 9 meteorologist is at home with rifle or bow and arrow. She has a freezer full of elk and venison to verify her hunting ability.

So, thanks again, Sam Colt, for balancing things for those of us who are not as physically gifted as others.

Fred Causley is a former OSU Agriculture Communications employee and a longtime Stillwater resident and NRA member. Send him questions or feedback to