If you are interested in your personal safety or freedom, please read today’s column. Carrying a firearm to stay safe inherently involves risk if you must employ your weapon.

A decision to shoot or not shoot may have to be made in a split second. The result certainly could have a physical, financial and/or legal bearing on your future.

Focused Fire Training is offering a self-defense seminar to Stillwater and area communities precisely to help new shooters with handgun fundamentals, including facing crucial gun use decisions. FFT is a Florida based organization that offers training by instructors who are former and current law enforcement, SWAT and military personnel.

CEO Tommy Sapp explains the seminar best: “We put together a training program for law abiding citizens who may find themselves in the tough situation of possibly having to use deadly force, or any force, to protect themselves or their loved ones. Our mission is to teach them the laws because in a high stress situation, you cannot afford not to know them. We also do not want someone to do the right thing, say the wrong thing, and end up in a bad legal situation.”

FFT will hold its three hour training seminar starting at 5.30 p.m. Friday, April 9, at Holiday Inn Express, 700 E. Krayler Ave. in Stillwater. Call 866-382-9111 to sign up for the $20 course.

Think you’re pretty up on gun do’s and don’ts? Here is what the FFT seminar will offer.

– Legal use of force

– Justified homicide

– Self-defense and defense of others

– What to expect if you have to use force

– The legal system and case laws

– Protection of property

– Castle doctrine

–Stand your ground

– Scenarios

Representatives of U.S. Law Shield will be included at the seminar. This organization offers legal representation – akin to insurance – at a reasonable price. They have two expert gun defense attorneys available to their members day or night in event of an emergency.

The Focused Fire Training course is new, now offered in ten southeastern U.S. states. Developed by some of the top firearms instructors in the country, FFT training is based off of the book, “Handgun Fundamentals for the New Shooter,” by Tommy Sapp.

Rodney Driggers, Lead Programs Coordinator, says the instruction is aimed at all shooters to help them understand laws pertaining to gun use.

“As a civilian based training company, founded by law enforcement, it is our duty to provide everyone with classes to help them understand the laws of protecting themselves, their family, and others. Our classes afford everyone the opportunity to gain the confidence and knowledge pertaining to lawful self-defense.”

“We believe that the safety tips we provide students will help prevent accidental shootings, and help them to enjoy firearms more responsibly,” Sapp added. “We would extend an invitation to representatives from your agency to come and cover one of our classes.”

I write a gun column twice a month and consider myself a bit knowledgeable, although certainly not an expert. But can I full explain, “Stand Your Ground,” or, “Castle Doctrine,” to you?

Not in the split second that might pass before you decide to pull or not pull that trigger. Sign up. Please.


Fred Causley is a former OSU Agriculture Communications employee and a longtime Stillwater resident and NRA member. Send questions or feedback to papacausley@gmail.com.

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