Ohmigawsh! What are you firearm and hunter nuts going to come up with next to wreak havoc on the human body? Aren’t hollow point slugs or copper jacketed slugs or just a big chunk of hot lead enough?

Now you want a bullet that breaks up into little pieces and frolics around the soft tissue of your intended victim? Is that really what you want?

Well, frankly, yes. Yes, that is, if it is wreaking that havoc on the right body. You know, the one coming at you with a knife? Or maybe the one inside your bedroom attacking your family?

The undeniable outcome expected of hollow point – and now frangible – ammunition is to stop the attack asap. The side benefit of the hollow point projectile, and even more so with the frangible bullet, is that of greatly reducing over penetration. These rounds are much less likely to go through an intended target and strike an unintended target.

Oh, that wouldn’t be a problem if you’re in a situation inside a dwelling, now would it? Think again. Everyone knows a solid round can easily penetrate drywall, insulation and most sidings on its way from inside to outside. But what if it hits wood or even concrete block in passage?

Personally, I don’t want to take the risk of a passerby being injured or killed in a passing car while I am trying to dissuade a burglar from ransacking my home. As an example of the penetration of “normal” bullets, I will recount an incident that happened to someone close to me.

This person was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department several decades ago. Standard issue for law enforcement then was a .38 caliber revolver loaded with, “normal,” copper jacketed lead bullets.

No hopped up, high-speed, metal piercing rounds. Just the plain Jane .38 handgun load carried by policemen – and everyday gun owners – across the nation. The officer, still a rookie, and his senior officer were alerted that a carload of perpetrators had already exchanged shots in a running firefight with other officers.

The two policemen used their car to block an intersection in a quiet neighborhood as the gunmen approached. The bad guys elected to jump the curb and plow through a hedge in an attempt to escape. A moron in the back seat had watched way too many television shows.

He was raising up, shooting at the policemen from the back window and ducking down. The officer I know aimed at the back door, hitting it about two inches below the handle. The “normal” round penetrated the door completely, striking the criminal in the left side of his neck and exiting his right armpit.

That is over penetration! A hollow point or frangible round would most likely never have made it through the car door.

When hollow point ammo came into widespread use, “bystander,” gun deaths were reduced dramatically. There will most assuredly be more damage to human bodies with the increased use of frangible ammo.

I wish such things never had to be, but given the choice, I personally would rather see more damage to some bodies and much less to innocent bodies.

Fred Causley is a former OSU Agriculture Communications employee and a longtime Stillwater resident and NRA member. Send him questions or feedback to papacausley@gmail.com.

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