Two legal cases of national import are before us today:

1) The Rittenhouse trial, in which a young man SEEMED to have legally protected himself from imminent bodily harm or death, and 2) the Ahmaud Arbery case in which three men SEEMED to have outright murdered a defenseless man.

Critics please note: unlike the President of the United States, I am not claiming to know the truth in either case.

My point is that someone will have to cough up a boatload of money before the feathers settle. I don’t know about most of you, but I certainly don’t have that kind of finances.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms to protect ourselves our loved ones and our property.

Of course, that bit of legislation has been twisted, kneaded, battered and manipulated in every conceivable way by every conceivable facet of our society. For the most part, we still have the legal right to prevent someone from just killing us or our loved ones whenever they feel like doing so.

Unfortunately, that privilege can come with a cost – a big cost. Even a rich person can be drained by lawyers, by loss of work, and by other associated expenses. They can win their case, yet still face civil expenses.

A person can attack and even injure one of your family members and you stop it legally by force and that attacker’s family can sue you – legally.

“He deprived us of our breadwinner,” or, “My children have to grow up without their papa,” and so on. Millions of dollars have been won by family members of heinous people killed committing heinous acts.

So, what are we supposed to do?

I only know one recourse for most gun owners and that is – like any other calamity that could befall us in modern society – to be insured against the loss.

There are several companies specializing in firearm insurance, though some do not care to call their service, “insurance,” but that is what it is. You pay them money; they guarantee certain services. Sorry, but that is insurance.

Most offer financial protection and attorney representation for both criminal and civil cases. Some allow you to use your own attorney; some have trained attorneys on 24-hour call. Some pay for bail bonds and some even pay per diem for time lost at work. One should do a thorough online search before selecting.

Here are a few. Bear in mind, however, I am not endorsing one over the other:

CCW Safe—primarily for concealed carry gun owners.

USCCA—United States Concealed Carry Assn.

Second Call Defense—for all firearm owners.

ACLDN—Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network—self evident.

US Law Shield—Least in cost, but has add-on fees for expanded protection.

NRA Carry Guard—No longer available, although NRA is examining other options.

It seems a shame that we must protect ourselves from financial ruin for protecting ourselves, but that is the way of the world in 2021.

Fred Causley is a former OSU Agriculture Communications employee and a longtime Stillwater resident and NRA member. Send him questions or feedback to

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