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If we are to preserve the life-giving, Christ-affirming potential of our families, our communities, and society as a whole — if we are to be the salt of the earth — we have to take our faith off the shelf and rub it into this world.

With hope that January’s dreary weather has passed, a couple of interesting mysteries can keep both adults and children entertained through the month of February. First is Andrew Shaffer’s humorous detective thriller, “Hope Never Dies, An Obama and Biden Mystery,” featuring none other than our 44th president and his former VP sidekick. Joe Biden is feeling a little old and lost, trying to find meaning in honey-do’s and a bowl of ice cream. When longtime acquaintance and Amtrak conductor, Finn Donnelly, is found dead of a supposed suicide on the tracks only a year before retirement, something doesn’t ring true to Amtrak Joe, who rode the train from Delaware every day during his Senate years.

State agriculture officials will take public comments through Tuesday for proposed water quality rules that would impose setback provisions for new and expanding poultry feeding operations. 

I am, personally, more of a tea person than I am a coffee person. I'm the sort of guy who gets a little coffee with his hazelnut creamer, if you get what I mean.