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Put your business in front of nearly 15,000 people by advertising with the Stillwater News Press. Our print edition is distributed mornings Tuesday through Sunday. We offer advertising packages and annual contract rates to increase the impact of your advertising investments. Paid circulation during the week is 5,800 while Sunday editions reach an additional 1,000 homes. Our weekly TMC edition, the Food Plus, is published each Wednesday with delivery to an additional 16,000 homes.

Digital components are available for every ad campaign with Daily unique visitors average 4,500 while page views jump to an impressive 160,000 monthly. The shift to mobile platforms is experiencing strong growth as approximately half of the News Press' digital audience utilizes a mobile device. Both desktop and mobile advertising opportunities guarantee 10,000 impressions monthly.

Target your market with Stillwater News Press various special sections and niche products. Annual event marketing includes the Bridal Showcase. Stillwater Style magazine publishes quarterly promoting your products and services in full color which fully engages the reader.


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