When you read this article, there will be 56 days left until Oklahoma’s archery deer season opens up. Although hunting seasons are right around the corner, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the warm weather and get out on the lake. 

Although it’s time to shoot bows and hang treestands, it’s hard not to sneak out to the lake and pull a few fish out. There are a few different methods I use when targeting late summer bass. One of these methods is a Carolina rig. This is a method where you use a heavy weight above a barrel swivel and a leader below to drag and bounce a small creature bait or worm along the bottom. This is a pretty slow way to fish, but it produces a lot of bites, and it’s a great way to catch bigger fish. I like to fish this rig in about 15 to 20 feet of water, around rocky points or deep structure like brush piles. 

Another great way to catch fish is a shaky head and a worm. I like to throw this with a spinning rod and reel. When I’m fishing a shaky head, I like to throw it anywhere where there are rocky or gravel bottoms. It’s a very easy method to fish and is effective year round but is lethal during the summer. This is a great way to catch a lot of fish and anyone can fish it.

So, even with deer season creeping up, there are still plenty of fish to catch and time to be spent with family and friends out on the lake.

Tristen Turley is a graduate from Stillwater High School and an outdoors writer for the Stillwater News Press.

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