Two of Oklahoma State’s preseason All-Americans attended the game in street clothes. Several other Cowboys also were no-shows Saturday against Grambling State.

The highlight for many of the record crowd of 56,901 came when neither team was on the field (Grambling State’s Tiger Band was worth the price of a ticket, by the way).

And with all the that the game against the Tigers couldn’t have gone any better if OSU coach Mike Gundy had scripted it.

Well, maybe he did. I would imagine in his dreams he envisioned something like a 56-6 win where everybody wearing an OSU uniform got a chance to play and nobody got hurt any more than they already were.

Saturday’s victory over Grambling was the perfect cure to what had been ailing the Cowboys the past two weeks.

It was a win that should put a little swagger back in a team that had plenty of it coming off its win against Georgia to open the season.

But swagger, as well as consistent play, has been sparse in these parts over the past two weeks as the Cowboys lost to Houston and had to hold off a below-average Rice team last week.

Before the season started, most circled this game as an easy victory for OSU. Yet there was a little trepadation this week as rumors circulated on who was or wasn’t hurt.

As it turned out, neither Dez Bryant or Perrish Cox played for the Cowboys and weren’t needed.

Kendall Hunter missed his second straight game and likely found some quick-healing motivation by watching Keith Toston and freshman Jeremy Smith run up and down the field against the Tigers.

In fact, it felt like a lot of things healed up as the Cowboys hung more than half a hundred on the Tigers.

Because as much as the Cowboys were beat up physically (and they were), the psyche of the team was probably just as wounded.

Nobody wearing the orange thought this season would start like it has, especially after beating Georgia both on the scoreboard and physically to open the season.

The loss to Houston took a huge emotional toll on the team. Nobody saw that setback coming and it seemed apparent that the team hadn’t gotten over it by the time they took the field last week against Rice.

I’m not exactly sure if Saturday’s beat down erases all the bad vibes floating around Boone Pickens Stadium.

The Cowboys certainly understand that Grambling was a team they should have beaten the way they did.

But it should definitely help as the team rests its wounded and prepares for the eight-week war that is the Big 12 Conference.

If you told OSU they’d be 3-1 after non-conference play before the season started, it would have likely met with mixed reviews.

At 3-1 now, those reviews are the same.

But at least for a week everybody can relax, take a deep breath and feel a little better about what lies ahead.

Let’s worry about the Aggies and the rest of the Big 12 next week.

After the last two weeks, it’s time to enjoy a win.

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