Once Baylor got a taste, No. 8 Oklahoma

State was determined to deprive the Bears of

that pleasure for the rest of the game.

Baylor scored early but only once in the

Cowboys’ 34-6 victory Saturday at Boone

Pickens Stadium in front of 50,080 fans. After

almost nine minutes and four consecutive

three-and-outs, Baylor got on the board with

senior Jacoby Jones’ one-yard plunge into the

end zone.

Quick to silence the small northeastern

pocket of Baylor fans, junior Derek Burton

ripped his way through the Bear line to block

freshman Ben Parks’ extra point attempt.

“It was a big momentum swing,” coach

Mike Gundy said. “They go down and score

and you block the PAT, it kind of lets the wind

out of their sails. Now our guys were running

off the field excited instead of them normally

jogging because they gave up points after a

long drive.”

Gundy added that Burton is maturing and

improving well and is a valuable asset to OState.

“He’s growing up, and he’s played now for

eight to 10 games if you add up all his snaps,”

Gundy said. “He’s finally understanding how

to play football at this level.

“He’s a great person and a fine product from

the state of Oklahoma. He comes from a great

family, and he’s got values and morals

instilled in him and that’s why he plays well. He’s an example of what we

stand for in our football program.”

The Cowboys’ victory ups

their record to 7-0 on the season,

a feat that no OSU team

has seen since the undefeated

9-0 Sugar Bowl champion

team of 1945.

“People every so often will

say, ‘It’s a big game this

week,’ but they’re all big,”

Gundy said. “It’s a thrill for

me to be involved. The

biggest kick I get is the time I

spend with the players on

Monday through Friday.”

Sophomore Dez Bryant

was the offensive star of

OSU’s show Saturday. He

put up 212 reception yards

with two TDs. Co-offensive

coordinator Trooper Taylor

said Bryant is always fun to


“Every week, the kid just

never ceases to amaze me,”

he said. “He’s such a competitor.

He wants the football.

You can see it in his body

language. A lot of the people

trying to take him out get

extra hits on him, and the kid

just keeps getting up.”

In the second quarter,

Bryant scored on a 37-yard

reception with a Bailey extra

point at the 12:14 mark.

Bryant scored again about 6 ?

minutes later — this time in

his signature “jump ball”

play, four feet off the ground,

snatching the ball from above

freshman Ahmad Jenkins'

grasping hands in the end


Sophomore Kendall

Hunter led OSU’s rushers

with 93 yards, followed by

junior Zac Robinson with 57

and junior Keith Toston with

56. Robinson threw 13-of-20

for 238 yards, two TDs and

no interceptions.

Baylor was not only held

to one TD, but also it only

earned 204 total offensive

yards to OSU’s 457.

Defensive coordinator Tim

Beckman gave his athletes a

nod for stopping the Bears so

effectively after the first TD.

“The kids are doing what

we ask them to do,” he said.

“I’m not going to take any

credit because all we do is

make the calls, but the kids

have to perform the calls. If

they’re performing the calls,

we’ll be successful and

they’re doing it with great

effort and great enthusiasm.”

After Baylor’s TD and

Burton's block, OSU began

to answer the Bears’ TD later

in the first quarter with

Toston’s four-yard struggle

over the goal line at the 1:22


To close the first half,

Toston muscled his way in to

score from the two-yard line

with 19 seconds left in the


Next week, the Cowboys

will hit the road to face No. 1

Texas to try to claim their

fourth Big 12 victory.

“We have a great opportunity

in front of us,” Robinson

said. “Obviously, they take

care of business, and it’s

going to be a very big game.

We’re excited and ready to

get down to Austin, looking

for a great game.”

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