Imagining Cowboy football personnel as WWE Superstars  

  Jason Elmquist/Stillwater News Press News Press contributor Sam Henderson envisions Oklahoma State football players such as Chuba Hubbard, pictured, as WWE personalities.

Professional wrestling and football have more similarities than many people think.

With big hits, flashy celebrations and fans helping influence who wins, I could’ve just described either of the two.

Because the two share characteristics, for this week’s column I find it fitting to decide which WWE superstars are most like the top OSU football players.

Tylan Wallace: Roman Reigns

Reigns is the face of WWE, and Wallace is the new face of OSU football. It is that simple.

Underneath the surface, though, they have more things in common.

Reigns stood in the shadows of his fellow Shield members Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose early in his career, and Wallace took a backseat to James Washington and Marcell Ateman as a freshman.

When both Reigns and Wallace got their shot, they made the most of it with their overpowering strength. Reigns has speared his way to four world championships, and Wallace leaped over defenders en route to 1,491 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns his sophomore year and a first-team All-Big 12 spot. Both have room to grow and improve on their already impressive success. You can believe that.

Chuba Hubbard: Ricochet

Speed is a great skill to have.

Chuba Hubbard has a lot of it, and so does the former United States champion Ricochet. Both are relatively new to their respective platforms, as Hubbard is going into his sophomore year and Ricochet debuted in WWE earlier this year. In short time, though, each has made an impact through his quickness and athleticism.

Hubbard might not be able to do a 630 splash off the top rope like Ricochet, but he does the equivalent on the football field with hurdles and speedy cuts.

Spencer Sanders: Adam Cole

A lot can be told about a person in how they react to moving up in competition.

Spencer Sanders tore up Texas high school football, and Adam Cole is the champion of WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. Each is on the verge of moving into a new level, as Sanders might start at quarterback for OSU, and Cole is awaiting a call-up to the main roster.

It is unknown how the two will respond to their eventual new surroundings, but both have youth and talent on their side to possibly shock the system for years to come.

A.J. Green: Seth Rollins

Holding down a top spot for years can be tough to do, but A.J. Green and Seth Rollins have each done it.

Green is going into his third year as a starting defensive back for OSU, and Rollins has been a part of the main event scene in WWE since 2014. Green leaps up in the air for interceptions, while Rollins takes flight to hit his opponents with a curb stomp.

Both have improved in their times at the top and have become leaders of their respective locker rooms.

Calvin Bundage: Dolph Ziggler

Throughout the 2018 season, Calvin Bundage provided some interesting celebrations after big OSU defensive plays. Bundage’s showmanship coupled with his solid play for three years reminds me a lot of Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler has been with WWE since 2004 and has consistently put on good matches. Along with his prowess in the ring, he’s not afraid to entertain the crowd with his flashy personality.

Ziggler and Bundage’s ability to complement their work with some fireworks afterward make them the most alike.

Mike Gundy: Vince McMahon

The man who runs it all.

Some might not like his decisions all of the time, but he is steering the ship and has been for a long time. Not only does this describe the WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, but also OSU coach Mike Gundy.

McMahon has always been involved with WWE, but started as an announcer on air before becoming an authority figure. Gundy began his journey in Stillwater as a quarterback and returned years later as the head coach.

Each has an interesting gimmick, too. Gundy has the mullet and McMahon has his unorthodox walk.

Everyone reports to them, though, and they help determine the success of their organizations.

As evidenced, football and professional wrestling share some parallels. With the OSU football season around the corner, it will be interesting to see if Cowboys are the ones slamming opponents or the ones getting slammed.

Sam Henderson is a contributor for the Stillwater News Press who is going into his junior year at Oklahoma State University.