Kolby Harvell-Peel has no problem stating that he’s better than his teammates at a specific video games.

It’s one of the things he’s not shy about when it comes to bragging rights. Another is music and his ability to rap.

But in the world of NBA 2K, Harvell-Peel truly believes there is no Oklahoma State football player better than him. The sophomore defensive back, like many former Cowboys before him, enjoys taking on his teammates in video games when they’re away from the gridiron.

And, according to the College Station, Texas, native, there’s no one better.

“(NBA) 2K – I’m better than everyone on the team in 2K,” Harvell-Peel said. “I’m a 2K guy. I’ll also throw back to NCAA Football. That’s about it.

“I love pissing them off. I love making them mad. I’m just good at games, period. I know Madden is the one that everyone else plays.”

What’s his go-to team when playing NBA 2K? Golden State Warriors? Oklahoma City Thunder? Toronto Raptors?

Nope. He found a team in the pacific northwest years ago, and he’s stuck with it.

The Portland Trailblazers are the team he prefers.

Why? Even he’s not exactly sure, but he thinks it has to do with liking the roster several years ago.

“I’ve been a Trailblazers fan since like 2011,” Harvell-Peel said. “That’s who I’m rocking with – undefeated.

“I think it was because no one else was really rocking with them. I don’t know why I liked the team, but that’s who I was rocking with. Now, I’ve got C.J. McCollum, so it’s really getting scary.”

Like most football players who enjoy video games, Harvell-Peel does play the Madden franchise. But honestly, he enjoys the now debunk NCAA Football games, which ended with NCAA Football ‘14.

That didn’t stop him from downloading rosters of then current rosters. In fact, he played with Oklahoma State, using some of his current teammates.

“I’ve been playing NCAA for the longest time,” Harvell-Peel said. “I would download the updated rosters and I was playing with guys like Amen (Ogbongbemiga) and A.J. (Green) when I wasn’t even here, so it’s weird being here and talking to them face to face every day. But, I definitely stay updated.”

“If they were to make it again, that would be awesome. I’d be cheating the system anyway. I’ve got the one from 2014 and I’ve got the updated rosters, making my guy a 99 overall.”

When he’s not cheating the video game systems, Harvell-Peel relaxes by creating music. That’s one of his biggest hobbies, and it’s a fairly recent one.

Last spring, he began making music and has found a passion for it. He was able to purchase some equipment and that began his low-key music career.

Harvell-Peel admitted he isn’t sure what genre it would fall into, but his teammates have done that for him, while trying to include themselves in the music making process.

“I guess you could say I’m a rapper,” Harvell-Peel said. “You can ask anyone on this team and they’ll tell you I’m a rapper. Now, I’ve got guys that know I do it, so they’ll come into my dorm and try to record music, and now everybody thinks they are a rapper. It’s fun to see what guys come in there and do.”

Who does he believe attempts to rap, but isn’t a rapper? Harvell-Peel had no issues with throwing some of his teammates – including some in his position group – under the bus in a friendly way.

“Oh my gosh, it’s a list,” Harvell-Peel said. “A.J. (Green), Rodarius (Williams), Kemah (Siverand), Kanion Williams and Jason Taylor – it’s a bunch of people who think they can rap. It’s a small list of people who actually can rap. Kevin Henry can rap.”

Calling his teammates out in a fun way or yelling at them is part of who Harvell-Peel is as a player and person. Last year, as a freshman who played in all 13 games, he was a bit quieter as one of the new players on the Cowboys’ roster.

Coming into spring football and eventually into this fall, Harvell-Peel began to take a leadership role. To him, that meant being the boisterous player on the field.

“I’m loud anyway,” Harvell-Peel said. “I’m at practice always yelling, talking trash to the offense. I’m going to be loud regardless. It’s going pretty well, I guess, but the offense probably gets annoyed.”

“Off the field, I’m actually kind of quiet,” he added. “On the field, it’s fun to go out there and yell at guys, try to mess with them, so that’s what I go do. I‘m out there trying to have fun. Yelling and talking trash is fun – laughing with the guys, trying to make practice a little lighter.”

Being talkative is one trait of most defensive backs, and Harvell-Peel knows he’s one of them. However, he admits there are different types of talkers.

“Some guys just talk enough to relay calls,” Harvell-Peel said. “Some guys talk to be annoying in the back end, so everybody is kind of different. Communication is definitely key as DBs. … More of mine is less trying to mess with people and more trying to keep practice light. The season is long and grueling.”

He went through that grueling schedule a year ago, racking up 52 tackles – 44 of which were solo stops – as a true freshman. He also recorded one sack, but no interceptions.

One of Harvell-Peel’s highlights from the 2018 season was the game-winning tackle on a fourth-down play against Missouri in the Liberty Bowl.

“It was fun,” Harvell-Peel said. “A lot of guys don’t necessarily get that opportunity, so to be able to get in there and get some reps underneath my belt has definitely helped me for this year. I’m just trying to keep moving forward now.”

“That jump from high school to college was tough with guys who are bigger, faster and stronger. Once you get adjusted to it, it’s still football at the end of the day.”

Now, Harvell-Peel and the Cowboys are preparing to host Baylor for Saturday’s homecoming contest. The No. 18 Bears come to Stillwater unbeaten, while the Cowboys are coming off a loss at Texas Tech two weeks ago.

The Cowboys enjoyed a bye week last Saturday, and they came back refreshed and ready to prepare for Baylor.

“I thought it was good,” Harvell-Peel said. “They let us rest. Coach Gundy always talks about how we’ve been going for 10 weeks and the rest will be good. We were flying around (Tuesday) and everybody seems excited to be back.

“We’re just trying to do what we do. I ain’t gonna lie to you and say it wouldn’t be nice and put one ‘L’ in the loss column for them, but we can’t do anything special. We just have to go out there and do what we do.”

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