OKLAHOMA CITY – After spending the morning watching the Oklahoma State baseball team practice across town, the softball team got the same treatment Thursday night.

The Cowboys, who were preparing for their NCAA Regional game against Harvard, were in full force for the Women’s College World Series, along with super Cowgirl fans ‘The Social” with Matt and Vanessa Fletcher in town.

Following OSU’s 2-1 upset of Florida to advance in the winner’s bracket, the Cowgirls spoke to how supportive the school’s athletic family is, especially their male counterparts on the diamond.

“It means a lot. It’s a family here,” senior pitcher Samantha Show said. “That’s a really cool environment to be in, knowing you have more people in the stands, you have more people behind us. He kind of says when you’re in that box, you should feel almost weightless, because you have so many people rooting for you.

“We enjoy supporting one another. I hope we get to go watch one of their games and give them that same feeling of being weightless in the box.”

Freshman shortstop Kiley Naomi said it is neat this weekend that the two teams get to paint OKC orange as the baseball squad is playing in Bricktown with the Cowgirls on the north side in ASA Hall of Fame Stadium.

Sophomore Michaela Richbourg concurred with her fellow underclassmen.

“It means a lot that we really support each other,” Richbourg said. “If we’re able to go to their game, when they’re able to come to ours. At OSU, we support each other no matter what game we play. I’m glad to be part of a family like that.

Senior second baseman Madi Sue Montgomery spoke about baseball coach Josh Holliday’s dedication to his team. Montgomery, who softball coach Kenny Gajewski made sure to joke about as she dates catcher Colin Simpson, said the camaraderie is one of the best things of being at OSU.

“I think what Josh Holliday put out on social media, getting everyone around to rally around everyone,” Montgomery said. “It shows you how much OSU loves their athletes, loves to support OSU no matter what’s going on.”

More tattoo talk

On Wednesday, OSU senior Taylor Lynch posted a photo of many of the players having new body art.

The Cowgirls had “FTG,” which stands for the team motto “For the Girls” tattooed on their skin, which they said was something they were planning to do for a while.

“It’s something we made a deal on, if we ever made it to the World Series, when we make it to the World Series, we’d all get it,” Montgomery said. “Some got it a week ago. Then we went and got it the other day.”

Show, who has become a big part of the team after yearning for a home for so many years, said it will be a reminder of a season she hopes to remember for the rest of her life.

“It goes to show that whenever this is over, we will still be in contact for years to come,” Show said. “We are for the girls and willing to put that on our bodies and you can’t really take that off, it’s permanent. We love each other and willing to go as far as we can for the girl next to us.”

Dominguez’ dancing makes the big stage

OSU sophomore catcher Raquel Dominguez still found her way onto the national television cameras despite nearly being cut out by the cameraman.

The native of Victorville, California, chugged a whole bottle of water with junior pitcher Logan Simunek counting her down as OSU coach Kenny Gajewski did his in-game interview.

Dominguez then danced and kept the mood light with ESPN’s Holly Rowe even giving the sports media major a hug afterward.

Dominguez’ dancing and Show’s bat flips have been a part of this team having fun, with Gajewski once again defending the team’s personality following the Cowgirls’ win.

“People in this game act like there’s some kind of softball code,” Gajewski said. “If you can find that code book, tell me, I’ll read the book. I love to read and grow.”

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