Warwick hired as Stillwater High assistant director of athletics

Jimmy Gillispie/Stillwater News Press Brian Warwick was recently hired as the new Stillwater High assistant director of athletics. The former Stillwater Junior High assistant principal will work with SHS athletic director Tucker Barnard in the day-to-day operations of the school’s athletic department.

Brian Warwick is entering the 2019-20 school year with a new title and a few different tasks for Stillwater Public Schools.

He’s been busy moving buildings and offices during the past month, while taking on his new role within SPS athletics. It’s been a good transition for him.

Warwick was recently hired as the Stillwater High assistant director of athletics to work under and for SHS athletic director Tucker Barnard. Last year, Warwick was the assistant principal at Stillwater Junior High, where he also took on the responsibilities of the SJH athletic director.

“At that time, I oversaw all seventh- through ninth-grade athletics,” Warwick said. “I was also paired with the Junior High assistant principal role.”

Now, he’s dropped the assistant principal duties and taken on more duties within the athletics department.

“He had a split role, so what this is going to do is give the Junior High a full-time assistant principal, and allows him to be full-time athletics,” Barnard said. “With the number of student-athletes that we have, which is over 1,300 student-athletes, there is just under 1,000 games regularly scheduled, so there is so much logistics and potential for issues that arise. This will put us a lot more in line with the other schools our size. The other schools in the COAC are set up more like this.”

Barnard confirmed Warwick has been busy in July, but the job change has gone smoothly since they have worked together.

“It’s been an easy transition,” Barnard said. “There isn’t much of a training process we have to go through. We’ve worked closely together for the last several years.

“He’s absolutely just hit the ground running. We’re already seeing the benefit of having another person in our office. It’a a whole other ball game for us as far as the amount of work we can get done in a day.”

Warwick agreed, saying his roles with the athletic department are changing, but not too drastically.

“I’ve been working with Tucker the last four or five years at the junior high, because we obviously work closely together with me being down there,” Warwick said. “I would help out during football season when he was involved as the head football coach.

“I’ll be taking on more roles and more responsibilities, but it’s something that I already had a background in and had experience in, so it was an easy transition, so it was easy to hit the ground running. There wasn’t a huge learning curve.”

Those who are familiar with SHS athletics for years might recognize Warwick. He’s coached football, basketball and track at the high school and junior high levels.

Thus, when the assistant AD position was created, it seemed like an obvious transition for him to take this year.

“Athletics have always been a passion of mine,” Warwick said. “I’ve always been played or been involved as a coach or administrator for most of my entire life, so it’s a passion of mine. It was an opportunity when that administrator position was split and made into a full-time athletics position, it felt like it was the right time for me.

“It was a natural transition for me, because I started out as a teacher and a coach, then I was an administrator, then I was an administrator and athletic director and now to the full-time athletic director. So, it was a natural progression.”

As far as what specific duties Warwick will be taking on this year, it’s left to be seen. He and Barnard have ideas of what is to come during the upcoming months.

“We’ll work together on everything,” Warwick said. “I’m sure we’ll sit down in the near future to discuss who will spearhead certain things, but overall, when we talked about it from the beginning that we want a design where we’re both able to take on anything, so if one of us is unavailable, the other could keep it going.”

Warwick acknowledged he will likely be busier in the fall, as Barnard will be busy as the SHS football coach. For now, he’s anxious for the sports season and school to start in the next couple of weeks.

“It’s nice to have that time before school starts to get everything ready,” Warwick said. “But now, I’m kind of at that point where I’m ready to get rolling and get in a routine. I’m a big-time routine person. I’m ready to settle into the year-long school routine.”