There’s no other way put it than stating the truth that spring is the season of seasons.

It’s no secret that deer hunting is at the top of my list, and for that reason I often consider spring to be the start of a long wait until hunting picks back up in the fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fish and turkeys make surprisingly challenging adversaries in the spring.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned to appreciate the quantity of outdoor activities that become easy to do when green starts to return to the countryside. It’s a time of the year when hidden seasons open up and a time when other opportunities hit their peak.

Turkey hunting is fun, but fishing is the top activity of the spring. You can start in February and chase spawning species through early summer. Before you know it, the frenzy is over and it’s way too hot outside.

With turkey hunting being the only major spring hunting season, there is plenty of room to turn any trip into a buffet of outdoor activities.

An easy example of how opportunity in the outdoors can multiply in the spring is a simple trip to a piece of land. A farm pond could produce some good fishing. Combine that with a short hike of the surrounding area and you could stumble across a few things worth picking up. It’s possible to have one trip to the woods turn into a few shed antlers, some morel mushroom and fresh fish for dinner.

Let’s say all that all happened after a successful turkey hunt, then you caught a few sand bass at a river on the way home. That’s a lot of potential from one foray into the Cross Timbers landscape.

Even if you choose simply go for a hike for the sake of being outdoors, there is plenty to discover. Local critters are active this time of year, the landscape remains sparse and inviting, birds are migrating through and the world is in bloom.

Each day will bring change and new growth. By the time the heat of summer sets in the opportunities that spring provides will be gone for another year.

Don’t let spring adventure be one-dimensional. Take the time to look and find the hidden seasons. It doesn’t matter if its spawning fish or a bag of morel mushrooms for dinner. Everywhere you turn is another reason to see why spring makes a strong case for the best season of the year.

Don’t forget

In the past five days, the attitudes of local turkeys has changed dramatically. Vocalization has increased significantly and hens are starting to break off from the flock to explore nesting locations. Things are just starting to get going, and the further the season the progresses, the better the hunting should get. Don’t be discouraged if things didn’t work out opening weekend.

Jon Kocan is the Stillwater News Press outdoors writer and a longtime hunter. He can be reached at

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