The Sunnybrook cross country team competed in a meet at Shidler last Saturday. The third and fourth grade girls division ran one mile and consisted of Elise Rackley (fifth, 7:42) and Justine Anderson (12th, 9:15), followed the fifth and sixth grade division, which included Angela Fitch (eighth, 7:26) and Sarah Carpenter (12th, 8:15).

The third and fourth grade boys division ran similar distance and was comprised of Dax Russell (second, 7:17) and Drew Russell (12th, 8:54). Kenny Anderson (second, 7:06), Jobe McKee (fifth, 7:15) and Daniel Russell (seventh, 8:19) ran in the fifth and sixth division.

Running a distance of 1.5 miles, the junior high girls division included Emma Rackley (18th, 11:32), Blake Bulard (22nd, 12:14) and Jessica Anderson (24th, 12:28). Benjamin Miles was the lone runner for the junior high boys division, finishing second with a time of 13:30 in the two-mile race. The overall performance earned all Sunnybrook runners a medal.

Sunnybrook will be participate in the OSU Jamboree this Saturday.

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